Thursday, August 31, 2006


Eccentric men dissolve away in a gaseous whirlpool. Demon faces replace their infectious frivolity. Spirits escape from their eyes. The clouds shiver and shake the thick air around them. Their clawed hands grope their engorged members. Cocks so large you gasp from surprise and shake in fear.

The two flank me. I open my mouth to call and nothing escapes. Instead a silken web runs from my lips to their bodies bringing them closer. Demon hands cover my entire body as if they have twenty pairs each. Indian gods they may be.

Their calloused skin presses over my eyes and nose, my knees and my clit. The claws lengthen slightly. Two and three fingers enter me from different hands. My tight pussy envelopes them and mould perfectly like gloves.

No pain is felt but they are clearly inside me. They scratch around and search me thoroughly. My stomach starts to tremble and it passes through to my neck paralysing me. My spine squeezes tight and jerks back. I gasp.

The sound two octaves higher than normal, glass shatters into sand-like fragments. The shards bounce off the ground and accelerate like light skyward. Angels begin to orgasm and bellow their happiness. The sky flickers from red to gold. The earth vibrates and demons start to fuck. They fuck me, they fuck each other.

Like snakes their cocks twist, contracting and lengthening from a few inches to insane eye-bulging lengths. One cock fully wraps around my waist three times binding me into the air so I float, its end falls into my vagina.

It pushes in deep then shallow, changing in length inside me. The demon thrusting without moving. He simply gestures from his expressionless face to his cock and it snakes in and out. My pussy totally engaged by it, dancing a close tango, mouth onto nape, the breaths hard and soft.

The other is behind its brother fucking him in the same way as it is me. Cock wrapping around its waist then entering his arse, jabbing in and out. The three of us are joined like a sequence of coils, like elaborate wrought iron.

Its cock then escapes his arse and shuffles across my chest, going around a number of times. His cock tightens and crushes my lungs. My nipples harden and grow before my eyes, bulging. His penis develops lips and they lick and suck at my swelling breast. The end of its cock scrapes at my nipple and sucks hard, pulling at the welling milk underneath. It shoots out covering its lips and drips down from the coiled shaft.

The other demon, immediately begins to hasten his penetration and inside me you can feel his cock develop small lips, licking at the cervix and at the same time fucking it. The tempo increases more, his lips move faster inside me. My hair on my head begins to grow like a vine, searching for grooves to cling onto.

It grows thick and quick. The demon is drawn closer to me. The hair covers my mouth and eyes and I cannot breathe. Soon we are bound completely within an auburn cocoon. As the demon loses its breath it delivers a flurry of quick and hard thrusts. It finishes by spraying my insides. It rushes through my body replacing my blood with the brightest cum imaginable.

One large tear falls from my eye corroding through my hair, it burns away. Lines disappear from my face, skin lightens and my complexion toned and perfect. I open my eyes. The other demon stands at the end of the bed and asks me if I want a coffee. I say yes.

Friday, August 18, 2006

The Vineyard

There is a field in France that will be forever mine. Hot in summer, the vines, in orderly rows, cascade randomly with bunches of succulent white grapes. Each evening for a week I had sex there. Routine and perfunctory was not the order of the day. Each time I was so dragged and stretched, I reached up for some grapes for some mid-fuck refreshment.

I bit at this firm skin and its contents would spray inside my mouth hitting the sides in every direction. Searching for the warm pulp with his languid tongue he tried. A suck from me would clear the flesh and beckon his tongue further in. Supper, and the wine imbibed throughout, is what I can taste so vividly. Aubergines, wild ceps and fennel coated in a fine vinagrette infused with thyme and lemon. Yellowed apple tarte tatin dusted in coconut caster sugar is what he can sample when he runs his tongue across the roof of my mouth. Intimate buffets such as these stir the tastebuds that you can sense it in the pit of your stomach. Near perfection the food presented to us was and now we are ready for the final course.

'Go down on me', I ask him.

In his usual style, he obliges me completely. Normally I don't even have to ask. Lapping, ebbing and flowing, my blonde ringlets sway and over my eyes and away again. Inside my vagina his tongue moistens. Episodes of warmth the hue of sunset. Episodes of ecstacy that enlighten my soul. Yet I wanted more.

Over and out, his expert tongue navigates. Under and in, he gives and gives. My breath disappears into my lung. In a quick moment I scream an unstructured vocal concerto, notes fused together, straining and out of place. Geese and sheep in the next field turn around at the performance.

He knew when to stop. The sensitivity of my cunt turns my gleeful delight into high-pictched, hysterical laughter. Just as he did with his tongue, he started with his cock. Usually he'd start to fuck. Something changed.

The single thrust was used solely to moisten his cock. Glistening in the now twilight, he moved his cock to my mouth. Entering forcefully, his breadth stretched my tight mouth. Tough and hard, his cock slid in and out. Watering my eyes, I gagged, my tears noticeably running over my cheek, mascara turning them to black pearls. His hands gripped my hair tight, the roots almost popping under the pressure. As my vagina, he treated my mouth. Thrusting in, pulling out, the beautiful scenery was lost on my as my focus was on the few inches I could see of his belly.

'Yes', he stuttered as continued to face-fuck me. Out of my nose I exhaled, trying to breathe as deep as I could. Under his arse my hands pulled him into my wet mouth continually coating his cock with my saliva. I push him away to grab a breath, I cough hard, then gasp.

Surely he was going to cum soon, I could see it twitch. Hot it felt, just dabbing against the underside of my nose that I voraciously suck on it to cool it down. Fucking his cock with my mouth, I sucked and bit and thrusted and soaked more. Orgasms within seconds was the reaction.

Red sunset, streaks of clouds across the sky; dinner was complete, down on the ground we both now lie.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


A lily sits blanched after the rain.
Its posture inert, it floats with grace.
Blossom defeating gravity's draw
To guide saints eyes to its essence.

Moments before, colours disaffected,
Moments after, the edges are frayed.
Now, is the time you need to adore,
Use me quickly, time does not restore.

Monday, August 14, 2006

A Rough Two-Person, Three-Way In One Sentence

In an interesting turn of events that can only be described as 'wild', my lover, who has been sticking around for quite a while now that I may even describe him as my regular squeeze, mainly because of his physical and mental dexterity, and 'above the call of duty' diligence in pleasing me absolutely and has a habit of surprising me in the most pleasant of ways, time and again because of his innate flair, sexuality and sheer imagination, has dressed himself delightfully with my beaucoup-girthed strap-on, lubed its end liberally and proceeded to fuck the living bejesus out of me in both holes at the same time, using a combination of shallow and deep punches, that engorged my pussy with juices so cataclysmically confected I'm surprised worker bees weren't circling around my cunt, divebombing in sequence to take to make off with my precious nectar, with the last time I felt anything close to this was at college, in my first semester, when my then boyfriend fucked me in my sleep with a cold aluminium alloy MagLite (unlubed), that though was only a taster, an aperitif to whet my increasingly demanding appetite for acts depraved and submissive, however today he has actually made me weep uncontrollably that I felt actual shame of the ‘repeat 32 Hail Marys and never look at another boy again in an unholy way until I have fully repented’ type, and yelled at a level so high that the neighbours would have wished there was a volume control to my bedroom instead of a sign reading 'Boudoir', and all this occurred as he engaged me in dirty talk of the 'fuck you so fucking hard until you fucking bleed out of your fucking eyes and I drink it like warm caramel syrup' variety, that he perfected in such a way, with that reverberating bass in his throat and subtle cunt-quivering timbre that he should trademark it, thankfully as half-hearted dirty talk is embarrassing in the extreme and a bigger turn-off than listening to a series of train announcements of the 'change platform and experiencing lengthy delays' type, but as I said he excelled in this and I absorbed it wholeheartedly as the level of restraint and guilt met by me was none, and the tolerance level of his disdain to me was equally as low if not more so, that he actually slapped me twice in the process and pushed his forearm down onto my throat to the point I could barely breathe and I could feel the actual crunch of my molars and I could see I went a rich rouge that flashed to an even richer royal blue in the quick glance I shot to the mirror above the bed, where I could also see his muscular arse jam down into me, repeatedly and steadily, which in turn yielded an exceptionally dirty experience that I can assure you I will, and I am sure he will, never forget.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

The Cellar

Intimacy is the feeling I crave most. Feeling my skin has moulded to his. Intertwined, his pumping blood flows with mine. Now and again, this can't happen and I settle for second best.

Gravity pulls at that ache that starts in my throat and rushes to my pussy. Every morsel of me wants to fuck, right here, right now. Reacting like this is so naughty of me.

My hand touches that of the bartender in an inappropriate way and I flash a 'come and get me' smile. Young he was and he needed prompting as I stood in front of a door marked 'Private' and glance at him again. Sliding the key in, he pushes at the door and I slide my fingers over his firm arse playing with the groove. Lower into the cellar we go, I can sense plenty - the musty smell of stale air, the trickle of water, his cock pushing against his pants trying to break through.

Finally, we reach the back of the coldroom, I walk to the large cask in the corner. Wooden, cold and hard, I bend over it, lift up my skirt and pull down my panties. He just stood there as I wait, presenting myself up in the frosty air.

'Enter me then, fuck me, quickly!'

Never has a boy obliged with such precision. Wooden like the cask, I feel his average cock enter me. Ready as his cock seemed, he stroked in that same readiness, pulling at my hair and spreading my cheeks in his frenzy.

In moments, it was all over as I tightened my muscles when I knew he was cumming. Teeth tight together I grit and tighten as hard as I can. Every muscle of his shakes and shudders as I wring his cock dry with my pussy - like that it's done and I walk away not looking at him.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

In Complete Control

Playtime has come around again. Let's be clear that I'm in control here. Astride him I sit on the black leather armchair. Yes, he smiles at me with his cheekiest of grins. With my lips I kill that smile and my tongue swims around, playing a beguling game with his.

Intensity in kissing followed by a softer touch normally reserved for my most favourite of lovers. Tickling his ears and tweaking his hair the entire experience is hardening him up, I can feel his cock beneath me.

He can't move. My belt is fastened tight around his ankles that he is a helpless animal ready to be eaten. Extra attention was paid to tying his wrists this time as last time he managed to get free. Bondage suits me and my needs as I like to take it real slow. A pull of his pants though and they are soon around his calves.

Biting the tip of his hardened cock I can feel the current of cum coarsing beneath. 'Yes!' he screams as I deliberately take his length into my mouth and gently scrape it with my teeth as I pull away. I take a step back and put a stilettoed heel into his bare shoulder. Watery fingers stroke my vagina inches away from his face. A glittery fairground of delight, he lights up as he captures my scent. 'Now', I say to him, 'beg for it', as I drive the heel deeper into his shoulder. To say his cock looked an inch longer after that punishment would be an understatement. Touching it or even looking at it would cause the cum to spill out over his belly.

Over my dead body that's happening yet.

Forcefully, I push the stiletto further until he begs me, screams at me to fuck him. Unfortunate choice of words I feel. Close by is leftover dinner. King prawn remnants litter the plate but I reach to the dollop of sour cream left on the side. I grease his cock with my creamy hand. 'You are something else' he laughs at me after some thoughtful caresses that slide his foreskin down, around and back up. Obviously, this is still not over.

Unhand him I do and undress I do. Stilettos are the only clothes on my body so the dance is quick. Our energy is remarkable. Before I continue I give him a soft kiss and stroke his balls up and down, kneading them around. Again I can see his cock shaking like it wants to explode. Deftly, I place my lips over his creamy, cum-charged cock and then move away again. 'Relax' I say to calm his clear excitement. I see his eyes are now closed. Gently, I pull at the hair on the inside of his legs and my kisses follow the path. The stiletto is back in my hand and I apply more cream, this time to the 3inch heel. His thoughts are elsewhere as I groom the squared off heel.

Ecstatic visions are seeping from his mind down through his body. Rubbing his balls and kissing his cock, I take the shoe and delve the heel into his arse. Every hair on his body stands on end. 'Relax' I tell him again. I look into his eyes that are now completely fixated on me, pupils dilated. Gently, I push the heel in further. Heaven, and the promise it brings, passes over his face.

This is now the time to end it.

Now I push whole heel in, as far as it will go, pumping it quickly in and out and his cock now being sucked dry; my eyes focused square on him. Out his cum shoots and shoots and shoots and his orgasm is deafening. Why can't all men be like this?

Monday, July 24, 2006

Frustrated Teenage Haiku

Fingered pussy;
Masculinity dead.
Fuck the nineties!

Friday, July 21, 2006

The Riviera

Retirement at thirty is bliss. Unusually the number of men has been lower this year than last, believe it or not. Spaniards, Italians, Asians and Indians. Semen cascading frequently down my throat all spicy and sweet.

Electricity pumps through my body. Licks administered to my pussy and navel heighten the charge. Labia relax then contract, spasmming uncontrollably. Arse opens and closes to the same rhythm. Little wonder this international mix makes the corners of my mouth turn up. Little wonder that my bedroom resembles an exotic delicatessen.

Every inch of my person seems to levitate. Now and then, little hairs stand on end as goosepimples appear. Wet cotton needs to be placed between my legs to stem the flow. Raw to the touch from the incessant fucking. One in the morning. Two in the afternoon. Evenings can be mysterious. Three, four, often more. How would my husband react? Is he even aware of my indiscretions? Sucking and fucking, bent over sofas, chairs and kitchen counters. Grass stains on my back, sweat covering my face. Over and over - I'm the fucking United Nations.

Outstanding feats of movement and elaborate twists and turns. Doubled over; ankles over my head; crouched in prayer; against a wall; around a corner. Help me - I'm addicted. Under the spell of cock. How many more - as many as I can see.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

At The Lights

The scent coming from my hands remind me of last month. Maybe I still have a bit of him under my fingernails. His distinctive combination of dried ocean salt, sunscreen and olive oil take me right back. I recall scratching deep into his blades as his cock lifted into my pussy. His hand pushed my face sideways into the pillow. Out of the corner of my eye it is blurry as smudges of mascara mix with the sweat dripping from his nose. The mist makes like a movie dream sequence. He violently fucks me and the some of sweat drips into my mouth. I spit it back into over my lip. He licks at it and he quickly encompasses my lip with his mouth, biting forcefully. His tongue darts across my neck and it feels like icicles dabbing on my skin.

He pulls his cock from my cunt and starts kissing under my ribs. He deliberately runs his stubbled chin across my belly until it reaches my clit. He pauses downward and he scrapes from his chin to the softer spikes under his bottom lip. His tongue skirts around the outside of my pussy lips and my head arches back into the pillows. I feel my cheeks go red though it is deepest winter. My thighs quiver and I pull his hair into me. I can feel him deeply exhaling through his nose over my clit. He breathes faster and faster and this softens me more. Fuck me again, please. And he did.

I take my hand from my clit. His scent is nearly gone. On cue the lights turn green. I drop the throttle and go.

Purpose and Passion

It isn't often that you find women treated as the sexual beings that they clearly are. With every word directed we have the ability to be romanticised, turned on, contorted, twisted, fucked, every which way possible. The words that come out of the mouth of another should put us in the place we want to be the most. Men fail at this, often dismally. Here you will find stories, some short, some long, some wide and some wider. Each should take you to a place where your blood and passion meet. That's the purpose. That's the purpose of it all.

Tell me if they do or if they don't. I want to switch you on.