Wednesday, July 26, 2006

In Complete Control

Playtime has come around again. Let's be clear that I'm in control here. Astride him I sit on the black leather armchair. Yes, he smiles at me with his cheekiest of grins. With my lips I kill that smile and my tongue swims around, playing a beguling game with his.

Intensity in kissing followed by a softer touch normally reserved for my most favourite of lovers. Tickling his ears and tweaking his hair the entire experience is hardening him up, I can feel his cock beneath me.

He can't move. My belt is fastened tight around his ankles that he is a helpless animal ready to be eaten. Extra attention was paid to tying his wrists this time as last time he managed to get free. Bondage suits me and my needs as I like to take it real slow. A pull of his pants though and they are soon around his calves.

Biting the tip of his hardened cock I can feel the current of cum coarsing beneath. 'Yes!' he screams as I deliberately take his length into my mouth and gently scrape it with my teeth as I pull away. I take a step back and put a stilettoed heel into his bare shoulder. Watery fingers stroke my vagina inches away from his face. A glittery fairground of delight, he lights up as he captures my scent. 'Now', I say to him, 'beg for it', as I drive the heel deeper into his shoulder. To say his cock looked an inch longer after that punishment would be an understatement. Touching it or even looking at it would cause the cum to spill out over his belly.

Over my dead body that's happening yet.

Forcefully, I push the stiletto further until he begs me, screams at me to fuck him. Unfortunate choice of words I feel. Close by is leftover dinner. King prawn remnants litter the plate but I reach to the dollop of sour cream left on the side. I grease his cock with my creamy hand. 'You are something else' he laughs at me after some thoughtful caresses that slide his foreskin down, around and back up. Obviously, this is still not over.

Unhand him I do and undress I do. Stilettos are the only clothes on my body so the dance is quick. Our energy is remarkable. Before I continue I give him a soft kiss and stroke his balls up and down, kneading them around. Again I can see his cock shaking like it wants to explode. Deftly, I place my lips over his creamy, cum-charged cock and then move away again. 'Relax' I say to calm his clear excitement. I see his eyes are now closed. Gently, I pull at the hair on the inside of his legs and my kisses follow the path. The stiletto is back in my hand and I apply more cream, this time to the 3inch heel. His thoughts are elsewhere as I groom the squared off heel.

Ecstatic visions are seeping from his mind down through his body. Rubbing his balls and kissing his cock, I take the shoe and delve the heel into his arse. Every hair on his body stands on end. 'Relax' I tell him again. I look into his eyes that are now completely fixated on me, pupils dilated. Gently, I push the heel in further. Heaven, and the promise it brings, passes over his face.

This is now the time to end it.

Now I push whole heel in, as far as it will go, pumping it quickly in and out and his cock now being sucked dry; my eyes focused square on him. Out his cum shoots and shoots and shoots and his orgasm is deafening. Why can't all men be like this?


Blogger Rowena said...

you're good...

8:26 am  
Blogger Steel & Sapphire said...

I'm good at several things. Hopefully I can make them come together to create something tasty

8:30 am  
Blogger Rowena said...

Coming together is always preferable ...

8:35 am  
Blogger Steel & Sapphire said...

I agree though it happens rarely, very rarely

9:39 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That emptied ME out. Thanks. Too hot!

11:00 am  
Blogger Steel & Sapphire said...

You left that message a while ago, you should be full up again by now

10:07 am  
Blogger Susanne said...


10:45 am  
Blogger Steel & Sapphire said...

Or not. To some. Thankfully, the ladies appreciate some domination of the 'stronger' of the species. ;)

2:01 pm  
Blogger Al Sensu said...

Here's a man you have sent to the loo with this post to finish himself off, so to speak. As you can see I'm reading you sequentially but need to take a break for relief.

I found you through your comment on mine and have linked. Your prose is unique and beautiful.

3:51 pm  
Blogger Steel & Sapphire said...

You are so kind. However, your greatest compliment is the fact you had to take a break in the middle. Mission accomplished

6:44 am  

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