Thursday, August 31, 2006


Eccentric men dissolve away in a gaseous whirlpool. Demon faces replace their infectious frivolity. Spirits escape from their eyes. The clouds shiver and shake the thick air around them. Their clawed hands grope their engorged members. Cocks so large you gasp from surprise and shake in fear.

The two flank me. I open my mouth to call and nothing escapes. Instead a silken web runs from my lips to their bodies bringing them closer. Demon hands cover my entire body as if they have twenty pairs each. Indian gods they may be.

Their calloused skin presses over my eyes and nose, my knees and my clit. The claws lengthen slightly. Two and three fingers enter me from different hands. My tight pussy envelopes them and mould perfectly like gloves.

No pain is felt but they are clearly inside me. They scratch around and search me thoroughly. My stomach starts to tremble and it passes through to my neck paralysing me. My spine squeezes tight and jerks back. I gasp.

The sound two octaves higher than normal, glass shatters into sand-like fragments. The shards bounce off the ground and accelerate like light skyward. Angels begin to orgasm and bellow their happiness. The sky flickers from red to gold. The earth vibrates and demons start to fuck. They fuck me, they fuck each other.

Like snakes their cocks twist, contracting and lengthening from a few inches to insane eye-bulging lengths. One cock fully wraps around my waist three times binding me into the air so I float, its end falls into my vagina.

It pushes in deep then shallow, changing in length inside me. The demon thrusting without moving. He simply gestures from his expressionless face to his cock and it snakes in and out. My pussy totally engaged by it, dancing a close tango, mouth onto nape, the breaths hard and soft.

The other is behind its brother fucking him in the same way as it is me. Cock wrapping around its waist then entering his arse, jabbing in and out. The three of us are joined like a sequence of coils, like elaborate wrought iron.

Its cock then escapes his arse and shuffles across my chest, going around a number of times. His cock tightens and crushes my lungs. My nipples harden and grow before my eyes, bulging. His penis develops lips and they lick and suck at my swelling breast. The end of its cock scrapes at my nipple and sucks hard, pulling at the welling milk underneath. It shoots out covering its lips and drips down from the coiled shaft.

The other demon, immediately begins to hasten his penetration and inside me you can feel his cock develop small lips, licking at the cervix and at the same time fucking it. The tempo increases more, his lips move faster inside me. My hair on my head begins to grow like a vine, searching for grooves to cling onto.

It grows thick and quick. The demon is drawn closer to me. The hair covers my mouth and eyes and I cannot breathe. Soon we are bound completely within an auburn cocoon. As the demon loses its breath it delivers a flurry of quick and hard thrusts. It finishes by spraying my insides. It rushes through my body replacing my blood with the brightest cum imaginable.

One large tear falls from my eye corroding through my hair, it burns away. Lines disappear from my face, skin lightens and my complexion toned and perfect. I open my eyes. The other demon stands at the end of the bed and asks me if I want a coffee. I say yes.


Blogger Don said...

Great visuals…

1:18 pm  
Blogger Steel & Sapphire said...

You're not so bad yourself.

I'm all into the sensual!!

7:30 pm  
Blogger Steel & Sapphire said...

Oh, and don't forget I'm mesmerising and humble too ;)

7:32 pm  
Blogger eros in wunderland said...

Don't know if this is
a dream or a nightmare,
either way it's hot.

4:45 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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11:48 pm  

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